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CWA History & Mission Statement
CWA Championship Wrestling's Rich Heritage
CWA Championship Wrestling is a wrestling promotion based in Corinth, MS. , a town based out of North Mississippi . For many years, Rodney Grimes, promoter and owner CWA Championship Wrestling has bought some of the biggest names  and some of the best young superstars in professional wrestling to the mid south. From it's inception, CWA became legendary for it's huge Friday night events in Corinth, MS, TN, AR, AL & West Virginia.
Early Years
From the earlier days of there careers, talent such as: Kurt Angle (who got his start in CWA in the 90's), Cash Holly (Arron O Grady), Derrick King, Dustin Star, Blade Boudreaux, "War Machine" Gene Jackson, Neil Taylor, Hollywood Jimmy, Alan Steele, Beau James, Chris Rocker, Eric Wayne, Johhny Morton, Matt Riviera, Johnny Dotson, "Boogie Woogie Boy" Gary Valiant, The Pink Flamingoes & more, graced the CWA square circle with their presence and talents.
Superstars of Wrestling
The list of Superstars & legends who entertained the fans of CWA includes "Hansome" Jimmy Valiant, "Outlaw" Don Bass, Brickhouse Brown, Koko B Ware, Rock n Roll Express, Tony Faulk, King Cobra, Jerry "The King" Lawler, "Superstar" Bill Dundee, Tracy Smothers, The Barbarian, Dutch Mantel, Ms. texas, PG-13, The Moondogs, Tom Prichard and the list goes on (for more information check out the roster page on this web site).
CWA Moments in Wrestling History
CWA Championship Wrestling is the only Mid South promotion that the legendary
"American Dream" Dusty Rhodes wrestled for. CWA Championship Wrestling is the very last promotion in the Mid-South that "The Fabulous One" Jackie Fargo actually
worked for. Jerry Fargo appeared in a CWA event at the Tipphah County Colisium  in Ripley, MS. where he manged Jerry "The King" Lawler & Rodney"Mega Man" Grimes as they faced off against Bobby Eaton and Don bass with "Gentleman" Jim Casey, Sue Young and Hollywood Jimmy in their corner.
More to Come!   
CWA Championship Wrestling is proud to say that it has entertained thousands of the best Wrestling Fans anywhere and will continue to do so for many years to come!
 C.W.A. Mission Statement
 "CWA will continue to carry out the tradition of bringing wrestling fans the best in professional 
wrestling and to showcase the wrestling superstars of yesterday and tomorrow so that we can give 
fans the professional wrestling action and experience they want and deserve."
~ Rodney Grimes (CWA CEO)   


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